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Larger Projects

When renovating existing rooms and houses, or for new buildings and extensions, new circuits are normally required for:

  • Lighting and sockets
  • Electric showers
  • Immersion heaters
  • Cookers & ovens
  • Electric under-floor heating
  • Detached garages, sheds, summerhouses and garden offices
  • Garden lighting and power for ponds, patios, driveways and feature lighting.
  • Kitchen and bathroom refurbishments
Older fusebox, rewirable fuses, no RCDs

We are happy to advise and discuss the best ways to design/configure circuits to both cater for present day and future electrical needs in the home. It is much more cost-effective to install the right number of light fittings and sockets at the outset, than wish for more after all the decorating has been done and carpets fitted!

In older properties, significant alterations to an electrical installation are often required to improve protection against electric shock and fire. This can include:

Modern consumer unit with RCDs and MCBs
  • Replacing older non-PVC wiring which has deteriorated with age (eg. rubber insulated)
  • Re-wiring complete floors or whole houses to provide more lighting points and sockets, preventing overload and nuisance fuse tripping.
  • Upgrading older consumer units (fuseboards) containing rewirable or cartridge type fuses to modern RCD protected consumer units with switch operated fuses (MCBs). In many cases, such an upgrade is triggered by the need for additional circuits to meet the electricity demand in homes today.

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